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Huawei IdeaHub Series

Huawei IdeaHub, a Productivity Tool for Smart Office




Incorporation of 5 major capabilities

High integration

Substitution of whiteboard  and projector


Make it Easy, Building a Digital Office Space

Make it Easy, Building a Digital Office Space

IdeaHub, an all-in-one collaborative board, integrates necessary functions in 4 scenes, which are Interactive Whiteboard, presentation projection, video conference, Open Office Apps. It breaks the limitation of traditional conferences and space to have more efficient teamwork.

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Wireless Projection
  • Video Conference
  • Office Apps

Traditional conference room

Conference terminals, projector, projection screen, whiteboard, conference control tablet , microphone…


Digital conference room

All in one collaborative telepresence

Typical office Scenarios of IdeaHub

Open area
CXO room
Huddle room
Meeting room

Typical industry Scenarios of IdeaHub

Smart finance
Smart teaching
Smart healthcare
Smart education

IdeaHub  Highlights

3 Core Capabilities to Change Traditional Conference and Whiteboard

Superb Interactive Whiteboard

•Faster and smoother Content sharing •Multiple sharing modes
•Lowest writing delay

Professional Video Conferencing

•Native and professional VC
•H.265 HD video conference, 4K experience •SVC multi-stream,Acoustic baffle,Speaker tracking

Prosperous Cloud Ecosystem

•Large-screen Huawei appGallery
•Enterprise Bulletin Board •Open Software and Hardware

3 Core Capabilities, faster and smoother content Sharing

60 fps

Smoother projection

4K H.265

Higher coding efficiency and 50% lower bandwidth Higher-definition pictures

Ultra-low cursor latency

More accurate mouse-pointing

Multiple wireless projection modes, enabling desktop sharing from computers and mobile phonesefficiently

Ideashare App

  • Desktop sharing on computers and mobile devices is implemented without complex cable connections.
  • A maximum of 20 wireless projection sources can be connected.

Ideashare Projector

  • Supports one-click projection through the USB port of the Ideashare projector and one-click display of content on the video wall.


  • Supports NFC-based one-touch projection, allowing you to push content to the video wall with one click.

Scenario-based Intelligent Control


Stroke writing

Different writing speed presents different strokes of different thickness, to reproduce the true writing scenario.

Zooming with gestures

The pictures or texts can be zoomed in or zoomed out by gestures, for quick locating.

Erasing with gestures

Erasing while writing makes writing/drawing more subtle and smooth.


After locking the page, two authors can write simultaneously, thus promoting collaboration efficiency.

Delicate Design, professional hardware capability deliversnative and super conferences experience

Integrates multiple core components, such as the 4K touchscreen display screen, 4K professional camera, microphone array, high-fidelity speaker, and high-quality aluminum alloy body,which can deliver native video conference without an external OPS

4K professional camera

  • 1800 lines 4K 30 fps video, clearer presentation
  • PLNC new-generation imaging technology with low noise •30,000 hours of stable operation

12 linear microphone arrey

  • Beamforming, 180° front coverage, 8-meter radius for audio pickup
  • 0.5° precise sound source positioning
  • 100–20 kHz full-band audio pickup

Ultra-HD 4K content presentation, Low Bandwidth, High Reliability

  • Latest H.265 codec technology, supports 4Kultra HD presentation, 4K presentation with more clear picture and more smooth color.
  • Unique VME technology supports 1080P HD video only with 384Kbps, the lowest bandwidth to have HD experience in the industry.
  • IRC intelligent bandwidth adjustment,SECsuper error concealment, VTP data anti-jitter,30% packet loss concealment of video

4K content provision

SVC Multi-stream Viewing Selection

  • H.264 SVC technology meets the networking requirements of different bandwidths, devices, and networks.
  • Support hybrid SVC and AVC conferences
  • Flexible layout adjustment, Drag and select a site to view it.

Block Noise via Acoustic Baffle
Building Dedicated Conferences Space with AI

Huawei’s enterprise smart display uses 12 microphone arrays, beamforming technology, and unique AI algorithms to form a sector in front of the smart display. The sector is like two invisible sound walls. The sound inside the sound walls can be picked up, and the sound outside the walls is blocked.

Intelligent Tracking Enables Auto-Zoom of the Speaker

Close-up picture

By using the built-in 12 microphone array and 4K camera, IdeaHub can localize spokesman voice and shoot the spokesman automatically to display the close-up picture of spokesman.

  • Innovative voice-based location and face detection technologies
  • Supports speaker close-up, Auto-Framing panorama adaptation
  • Intelligent focus based on face information

Large-screen dedicated app market

Built-in high-frequency applications

Provides common office applications and supports customized home page applications. Apps can be strongly bound to Huawei AppGallery to provide various apps that have been adapted to large screens.

Huawei AppGallery

Provides app stores that contains abundant HD apps, covering office, news, life, and video and audio recording. Users can download their favorite apps as they like. Other board vendors do not have similar application markets.

Web application entry

For large enterprises, the management platform can push existing web applications to the smart display for unified application distribution and management.

Open software& hardware capabilities, building an industry application portal

Office platform expansion

Optional OPS module for Windows expansion,The Windows OS can be started preferentially.

Open SDK, enabling the ecosystem

Open SDK, allowing third-party applications to obtain hardware peripherals and audio and video encoding and decoding capabilities

Information Window, a New Position for the Construction of Enterprise Culture

  • Corporate culture publicity, team style display, real-time transmission of enterprise value concept.
  • Internal information and news bulletins are released in real time, improving the efficiency of internal information publication.
  • Content can be managed by level. Content can be flexibly defined based on scenarios.