Systems Manager/Endpoint Management

Feature Highlights

Device posture reporting

Rapid provisioning

Integration with Apple’s DEP and VPP

Streamlined network integration Intelligent group policies and tagging

Device management tool controls iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices

Cloud-based: no on-site appliances or software; works with any vendor’s network

Seamless integration with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program and Device Enrollment Program for effortless app deployment

Meraki Systems Manager

Endpoint Management Solution from Cisco

iOS, Android, Windows, mac OS, Chrome OS

Native Network Integration

Cloud ONLY

Device setup
Grant WiFi, VPN, email access
Push apps and software
Apply restrictions
Global visibility
Audit apps and security profiles
Track stolen/lost devices
Troubleshoot remotely
Recover or wipe missing devices
Cisco and Meraki integrations
Enforce conditional network and data access

Why Systems Manager

Easy-to-use Cloud Dashboard:  No hosting requirements, installation costs, or downtime for updates 

Support and Licensing: No setup fees, latest and greatest feature set, transferability of licenses

Multiple Platforms: iOS, Mac, Android, Windows

Native Network Integration: the only MDM / EMM with native integration with wireless, switching, and security networks